Getting Your Alcohol-Related PSA's On Air

Synopsis: This website provides useful links to help you craft and get your PSA's on air, as well as track and assess the results. Links to sample alcohol-related social marketing campaigns are also included.

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Sexuality Education

"Sex education stirs controversy"

Synopsis: This article addresses all professionals interested in, or working with, health education, sex education and schools. It was released in July 2002 in USA Today (Copyright USA Today). Additional information about this topic, including school-based sexuality education, tips for parents and community advocacy, is available at the SIECUS webpage.

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Crime Prevention

"Partner With the Community to Develop Safer Communities"

Source: The National Crime Prevention Council

Synopsis: An excellent three-ring binder of interest to people implementing local communications strategies on of crime prevention. Tabbed sections include: developing local partnerships, PSAs, media relations, and an extensive catalog of materials in both English and Spanish addressing many facets of media relations and community networking.

Contact: Michelle Robinson, National Crime Prevention Council, 202-261-4184. or e-mail at: robinson@ncpc.org


"Social Impact of National Crime Prevention Campaign"

This is a synopsis of a much larger study,on crime prevention. However, a summary of the study provides an excellent overview on the efficacy of PSAs, including citations of articles related to PSAs, and is worthy of review.

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Drug Abuse

"PSAs Flower with Local Tie-ins"

Author: Howard Bell

Synopsis: Just as politics is local, so are PSAs, this author observes. The article describes the Florida State Alliance, a local partnership between the advertising community and local media, which was organized to combat drug abuse throughout the state.

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"What is the Partnership for a Drug-Free America?"

Synopsis: This article describes the Partnership and why it has been so successful in generating hundreds of millions of dollars in PSA support from the media. Every organization that conducts a PSA campaign should review this article - it is short, but has an extremely important message.

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"Wildlife Fund Shows Video in Theaters"

Synopsis: This brief article describes how the Wildlife Fund teamed up with American Express, with assistance of Ogilvy & Mather, to place a PSA in 1,000 movie theaters nationwide.

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"Health PSAs - What Does the Future Hold?

Roundtable Discussion on the Role and Efficacy of PSAs

Source: Public Service Report Newsletter

Synopsis: Forty-one health communications practitioners met on the campus of NH to discuss various trends affecting current and future PSA campaigns aimed at changing public health attitudes and behaviors. Topics included paid advertising as an alternative to PSAs, what broadcasters look for in determining PSA usage, and recommendations for future action.

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"Meredith Takes Heart"

Author: Scott Donaton

Synopsis: Meredith, Inc., publishers, of Better Homes and Gardens, initiated a three year collaborative effort with the American Heart Association to educate consumers on heart health. This article describes the major activities of the sponsorship program and the benefits to each organization.

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"You Can Produce Effective PSAs"

Author: William D. Novelli

Synopsis: Despite widespread criticism, public health PSAs can be effective if you maximize your efforts by taking a systematic, evaluative approach to programs. This article was written by one of the most knowledgeable experts in the country on social issues marketing, and was a co-founder of the public relations firm Porter-Novelli.

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